The International Arts Foundation and South-African musical sensation ‘AFRICA UMOJA-The Spirit of Togetherness’ extends an invitation to you to serve on a committee compromised of community leaders, performing arts professionals, educators, and business executives. Friends of Umoja Committee members are individuals that understand the importance of cultural diversity in communities. Multi-award winner ‘AFRICA UMOJA-The Spirit of Togetherness’ is a pulsating, colorful, and jubilant celebration of life that audiences from all backgrounds have found infectiously delightful and uplifting. Traveling on the beats of drums, from the dusty streets of Soweto to all the corners of the world’s best and biggest stages, AFRICA UMOJA tells the moving tale of indigenous South African music, its people and their song.

Originally created by Todd Twala and Thembi Nyandeni as a way of reminding a new generation of South Africans of their heritage, the show shines as breathtaking musical portrayal of faith and courage, and how it saw black South Africans through some of the country’s stormiest historical passages. With every beat, every drum, every move you feel the heartbeat and the pulse of this beautiful country. So let your heart sync-up with ours and journey into the musical world of South Africa as a member of Friends of Umoja. Participants will have no financial responsibilities as it relates to Umoja’s production.

AFRICA UMOJA has been seen and embraced by over 50 countries and is continuing its journey with the upcoming USA Tour, with shows in New Orleans, Houston, Washington D.C., Miami, Baltimore and Atlanta.

The International Arts Foundation acknowledges you not only as a person of expertise but also as an influencer of the American arts community. With your help Friends of Umoja can cultivate and shape our American audience!

Membership responsibilities:
  • Create awareness and introduce AFRICA UMOJA to your art and theatre communities
  • Help identify organizations to develop workshops and fundraising opportunities.
  • Offer professional opinions and or suggestions to make the event a success
As a member you will receive the full AFRICA UMOJA V.I.P. treatment, including:
  • VIP invitation to AFRICA UMOJA Opening Night Premier Gala and Tickets
  • Special Recognition at the AFRICA UMOJA Opening Night Premier Gala
  • VIP seating for the AFRICA UMOJA Opening Night Performance
  • Special Recognition at all AFRICA UMOJA Opening Night Performances in each city
  • Interaction with Cast and Producers

‘Umoja’ means “together” in Zulu, and together as Friends of Umoja we can bring the spirit and light of AFRICA UMOJA to meet the heart and soul of American audiences. We are honored to welcome you as an active participant on this exciting musical journey!

To inquire about membership and for further details and/or questions, please call Sherill Hadrick @ 504.367.1313